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Garage Heaters in Edmonton

Thinking about purchasing or installing a heater in your garage? Luced Services has got you covered with a wide selection of garage heaters. Whether your garage is a workshop or you are just looking to heat your garage enough to jump into a warm car on those cold Edmonton mornings, our selection of tube and unit garage heaters could be the solution for you.

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Garage heaters are an essential part of your household, especially if you live in colder regions like Edmonton. This is because they save time on cold mornings when your neighbors are heating up their vehicles for the day’s activities. The assumption that garage heaters are bad for your car is incorrect as there are proven mechanical advantages to parking your car in a heated garage overnight. Because oil remains warmer and less viscous, it will do a better job lubricating the engine of your car. This will help to prevent long-term damage to the engine of your car. Visit us today to find out more.

Garage Heater Placement Considerations

To ensure that your garage heater is effective, you need to find the best spot for it in your garage. This space will depend on the type of garage heater that you decide on getting, the size of your garage, and use of the garage i.e to heat up your car in the winter or as a work space.

It is also important to consider whether you want a blower of some sort on your shop heater or if you prefer for it to radiate heat in the area around it. If you are trying to heat a large area, then having a shop heater with an equipped blower could be beneficial. If you want to focus the heat on keeping just yourself comfortable and do not care about heating the whole garage space, a radiation-style heater may be better suited to your needs.

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Factors to consider when getting a garage heater

There are many factors to consider when picking out the right garage heater, they include:

  • Heater type: Garage heaters come in two major types: gas and electric heaters. Gas heaters have to be connected to a gas line or a portable gas tank to function while electric heaters operate by electric currents running through metal coils. While electric heaters can be more efficient because they radiate all of the heat that’s produced, gas burners are more powerful because they emit more heat due to their heavier combustion capabilities.
  • Range: This is the measure of space your heater can warm up. You want the heater range to be appropriate for the size of your space and the reason for installation so that your garage can be warmed as efficiently as possible.
  • Safety: The safety of your heater should be ensured. Buy a heater with discharge grills and a fireproof intake. Be sure to keep heaters away from flammable objects in the garage, and clean them often. Additionally, check for an automatic shut-off, in case you forget to turn the system off.

Why You Should Consider Getting Heaters For Your Edmonton Garage

Your garage should be an extension of your home— not another door you need to pass through in order to meet the brutal Edmonton winter elements. With the installation of a garage heater, you can transform your garage into more than a snow barrier for your vehicle.

Among the many benefits of installing a garage heater are the following:

  • Comfort for individuals who also make their garages workspaces and project sites
  • The ability to utilize more of your indoor space, like we said, your garage should be an extension of your home! Installing a garage heater will not only allow you more comfortable leisure space for your family but also more places for your pets to roam
  • Size: garage heaters aren’t clunky nor do they take up a lot of space in your garage
  • Modern heater units are low maintenance
  • You will spend less time warming up your vehicle during the mornings, experience less ice and snow accumulation, and protect your engine from unexpected issues!

Visit us today and our heating professionals will guide you through what you need to improve your winter driving and garage heating experience. Luced Heating and Air Conditioning also keep in stock Calcana tube heaters and Reznor unit heaters for all your winter needs.

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Can LUCED help me install a new garage heater?

Absolutely! Our expert technicians can help you choose the best garage heater for your purposes and ensure it is installed correctly and safely. If you would like to learn more about our garage heater services, contact LUCED today!

Does LUCED provide repair services for garage heaters?

Not only does LUCED have a great selection of efficient garage heating products, but we also provide prompt, reliable repair, installation, and replacement services for all of our garage heater products and HVAC products.

Why choose Luced when I need a new garage heater?

With years of experience working in many different regions throughout Alberta, LUCED Services has the knowledge and expertise to ensure your purchase of a new garage heater is fair and effective. Our employees have an in-depth knowledge of the Alberta Building Codes and are familiar with regional by-laws from almost every jurisdiction in Alberta. This means your new garage heater will be installed efficiently and safely.

Are garage heaters safe?

Although they are safe, there are tips to ensure that your heater does not malfunction and cause accidental damage. Making sure your garage has proper ventilation, following the power capacity guideline, and considering the space the heater will be operating in will all help maintain safety in your garage. In general, if used properly and safely, a garage heater should be a reliable and safe way to make your garage a comfortable temperature for whatever your needs are.

What size of garage heater do I need?

The size of the garage heater you need will largely depend on what you use your garage for, and how large it is. Once you have these answers, we will be happy to help you determine the best garage heaters for your purposes.

What kind of heater is best for a garage?

When looking at garage heaters, it is important to determine what you plan to use your garage for and how much heat you require. Whether you're doing an oil change, working on your brakes or using your garage as a workshop, garage heaters can be an essential tool to make your garage comfortable. Once you decide on the application for your garage, picking out an appropriate heater will be much easier.